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Helping the Smiths

Mallory Smith, passed away in the early morning of June 26th, 2016 at the young age of 30.
While we are all devastated and grieve this great loss, we cannot overlook the great impact Mallory’s life had on all that it touched. Here’s just a small bit of her story…

Mallory was very open about a tattered past, one that included emotional and sexual abuse as a young girl. As a teenager and young college student, Mallory would try many things to try and drown out the hurt such experiences left. She found shelter and the idea of a different kind of life while staying at ‘Youth in Need’. She attributed their efforts to being a ‘stepping stone, a desire to have something more in life’. However, it wasn’t until she found a relationship with Christ that she learned to truly and fully heal and find hope for her future. Shortly after giving her life to God, she fell in love and married her husband, Tim Smith. She became passionate about helping young girls find the hope that she discovered, hoping they could avoid hurts that later she brought upon herself. As a leader in ‘The Crossings Church Junior High’ ministry, she did just that, changing countless number of kids lives through Gods love and her testimony.

Mallory would give birth to her, now 5 year old son Kole, who she loved more deeply than she knew possible. During this time, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Lupus. Over the course of the previous 6 years, Mallory fought so very hard. Despite her greatest efforts, she developed cerebral lupus, leaving her wheelchair bound and with a significant loss of speech and thought process.

In this time, she lost her job and medical bills began to pile up. Aside from deeply grieving the loss and heartache of a great mother and wife, Tim & Kole were left with great financial burdens.

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Thank you for loving and honoring one of the greatest woman this world has known.

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